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Huggins Tae Kwon Do Academy

Serving in or near these South Carolina communities, Mauldin, Greenville, Simpsonville, Fountain Inn, Laurens, Honea Path, Five Forks, Anderson, Powdersville, Pelzer, and Piedmont SC areas.

The Huggins Taekwondo Academy was established April 6, 1986. All of the classes are taught by Bill and Ann Huggins, both of which are internationally certified by the Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters) in Seoul, Korea.  They both are highly skilled martial artists and motivators that lead by example and teach with enthusiasm and patience.  Mr. Huggins and Mrs. Huggins take a personal interest in each one of their students’ physical and mental development inside and outside of the Taekwondo dojang. 

The Meaning of Tae Kwon Do

"Tae" means to strike or kick with the foot, "Kwon" means to strike or punch with the hand, and "Do" means the path or way.


Benefits from Taekwondo

¨ Improves confidence

¨ Improves self-esteem

¨ Develops listening skills

¨ Teaches discipline & respect

¨ Improves physical fitness

¨ Channels energy

¨ Teaches life skills


Tenets of Taekwondo

Courtesy , integrity , perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit.  These five tenets help guide a person to a more meaningful life.  Tae Kwon Do teaches self-discipline, confidence and builds the body and mind. As a method of keeping fit and healthy, it develops balance,  coordination, aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility. In addition, it  also challenges the mind and requires constant mental alertness and agility. Finally, the sporting element allows those students that like to compete an opportunity to test their skills against others in a safe environment.

Bill Huggins
Kukkiwon/Chung Do Kwan 9th Dan Black Belt
Ann Huggins
Kukkiwon/Chung Do Kwan 8th Dan Black Belt

Mr. Huggins, a 1980 Clemson graduate, is the owner and master Instructor of the Huggins Tae Kwon Do Academy. He started his Tae Kwon Do training in 1969. Mr. Huggins received his Black Belt from Master Billy Hong, and started teaching in 1975. Upon Master Hong's death in September 1983, Mr. Huggins was appointed Chief Instructor of Hong's Tae Kwon Do Institute in Greenville, SC. He remained in this position until he founded the Mauldin Tae Kwon Do Academy in April of 1986. He was the club instructor for the Clemson Taekwondo Club from 1978 - 1981. Mr. Huggins tested for his 9th Dan at the Kukkiwon in Seoul, South Korea in July of 2016.  He is also a Kukkiwon certified 1st Class Master Instructor and 2nd class Test Examiner.   

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Mrs. Huggins is a graduate of Clemson University where she recieved her Bacholor's degree and Master's degree in Early Childhood Education.  She also recieved her Black Belt from the late Master Billy Hong.  Mrs. Huggins is co-owner and master instructor of Huggins Taekwondo Academy. She is a certified 1st Class Master Instructor and 2nd Class Test Examiner by the Kukkiwon in Seoul, Korea. Mrs. Huggins tested for her 8th Dan in Korea at the Kukkiwon in July of 2016 making her one of only two women ranked 8th Dan Black Belt or higher in the United States.  Through her dedication to teaching she has made a positive difference on many young lives in our community and continues to train and attend seminars to further add to her effective teaching skills.

Our Programs

Little Kickers Class (age 4&5): We cover basic coordination skills and basic Taekwondo movements 

Junior Beginner to Intermediate Class (age 5-11): This class covers basic through intermediate techniques designed to improve flexibility, coordination, and strength.  It includes kicking drills, forms, sparring, and one-step self-defense. 


JJUNIOR INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED (age 5-11): This class covers intermediate through advanced techniques designed to improve flexibility, coordination, and strength.  It includes kicking drills, forms, sparring, and one-step self-defense.

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 SENIOR CLASS (age 12 years and up): This class covers the same aspects as the junior class, but at a more intense level

COMPETITION CLASS: Scheduled in advance of upcoming tournaments

Two Week Trial Program $39.00...Includes Free Uniform

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The Studio





Monday & Wednesday

Junior Beginner to Intermediate Class: 5:30 pm - 6:15 pm

Tuesday & Thursday

Junior Intermediate to Advanced Class: 5:30 pm - 6:15 pm

Tuesday & Thursday

Little Kickers Class (4&5 yrs old): 5:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Monday - Tuesday - Thursday

Senior Class: 6:20 pm - 7:15 pm

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